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Regulatory Fee Deadline Extended for Hurricane Affected Stations

Regulatory Fee Deadline Extended for Hurricane Affected Stations

The commission is giving stations in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama affected by Hurricane Katrina extra time to pay this year’s regulatory fees.
Noting that mail service, banking, utilities and other public services are all but gone in the coastal areas, the FCC is extending the filing deadline for FY 2005 Regulatory Fees from 11:59 p.m., Sept. 7 to 11:59 p.m. Sept. 28.
Licensees affected by the hurricane must include a certification that payment could not be made within the previous announced time because of the hurricane. Licensees that submitted a manual payment of the regulatory fees during the days immediately before Hurricane Katrina affected the area, and who think the payment may be delayed by the hurricane should notify the FCC with details about method of payment delivery, amount, and date of payment.
Stations not affected by the hurricane need to get their payments to Mellon Bank in Pittsburgh by Sept. 7.

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