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Revenue Zips Up 17% in September, 4% for Year

Revenue Zips Up 17% in September, 4% for Year

Radio sales experts see more improvement ahead on the heels of the RAB announcement that industry revenue was up 17% in September compared to a year earlier. That figure, of course, is compared to September of 2001, when not many businesses were in a festive advertising mood.
Still, RAB President Gary Fries said, “Radio looks to continue to exceed expectations, and the next two quarters are shaping up for sustained health in the industry.”
The 17% overall jump was the best growth rate since spring of 2000. September’s national ad sales were up 26%, while local sales, which are still the bulk of radio revenue, were up 14%. For the entire third quarter, overall sales were up 10% compared to last year. For the year to date, radio is up 4%.