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Richardson Offers 300 Watt FM Pallet Amplifier

It's made by Res-Ingenium of Italy.

Richardson Electronics is now offering the Res-Ingenium FM310-108, a pallet amplifier designed for FM and HD-FM radio broadcast.

It features 300 watts CW output power and 78% collector efficiency and is touted for its harmonic suppression (–40 dB).

The company said the amplifier uses the MRF6V2300NBR1 LDMOS transistor and operates from –10 to +60 degrees C.

“Enhanced gain (23 dB) allows the system designer to use lower input power (1.4 W), eliminating one or more gain stages, and saving cost,” it stated.

The FM310-108 is intended for FM transmitter, translator and exciter designs. Connectorized versions are available.