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Rome Celebrates XV

His sports talk empire wasn’t built in a day

Premiere Radio Networks sports talk personality Jim Rome and his eponymous program are noting their 15th year in radio syndication.

Rome began his career at his college radio station KCSB(FM), University of California, Santa Barbara in the early 1980s (his degree was in communications).

His aggressive and opinionated style has had its ups and downs but has also built a loyal audience, with strong national ratings.

He recalls his days at KTMS, Santa Barbara as a “$5 dollar-an-hour” traffic reporter and sports guy. Later he worked for XTRA Sports 690 in San Diego. According to Premiere, “It was during a temporary stint on a late-night show for the station that Rome debuted his ‘smack’ (Jungle Glossary term meaning sports talk in a gloating, uninhibited or unbridled manner). The style yielded high ratings, and by acclamation of his listeners, ‘The Jungle’ was born.” Premiere picked up exclusive syndication rights in 1996. He also has been on (and off) of ESPN radio and TV and has appeared in films.

For its part, Premiere exec Julie Talbott called Rome “a one-of-a-kind sports broadcaster.”