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Royalty Policy Groups Tussle

NPR is pressured to leave MIC Coalition

The battle over royalty rates continues as groups maneuver for advantage.

A recently formed industry group, Music. Innovation. Consumers. Coalition or MIC Coalition, aiming at keeping music royalty rates low is seeing some pushback from groups pushing for higher or more broadly-based royalty rates. MIC includes broadcasters, streamers and places of business that might play music in the background.

Groups such as The Content Creators Coalition or c3, a group of content creators (e.g. musicians), have been trying to persuade National Public Radio to leave MIC. Apparently that effort has been successful, according to Billboard. Retailer Amazon left the MIC in June.

Organizations such as SoundExchange, the RIAA, musicFirst and c3 quickly applauded the move.

Music Coalition Forms as Copyright Issues Heat Up