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RTNDA Faces $2 Million Loss

RTNDA Faces $2 Million Loss

When the terrorists attacked New York and Washington, the Radio-Television News Directors Association was set to open its 56th annual conference and exhibition the next day. The convention was canceled, putting financial pressure on RTNDA.
In a letter to registrants, exhibitors, sponsors and others, RTNDA President Barbara Cochran stated that RTNDA faces a potential loss of $2 million, half of the annual revenue of the association.
Cochran and the RTNDA leadership are working with the insurance company to
see how much of the loss can be recovered.
Canceling the show “was the proper course to take,” said Cochran. “The news professionals and others who would have attended the convention turned to their most important duty, serving the public in a time of great crisis. The performance of television, radio and Internet journalists in the days after Sept. 11 should make us all proud and confirm the importance of the news media to our democracy.”