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Sacramento Pirate Fined

Sacramento Pirate Fined

The FCC has upheld a $10,000 fine and issued a Forfeiture Order to William Stephen Major for operating an unlicensed radio transmitter on 96.5 MHz in Sacramento, Calif.
In 2004, field agents tracked the station on an unauthorized frequency in that market that identified itself as “KNOZ LP 96.5,” the commission said. The FCC said Major identified himself to a field agent who found the studio and said he would shut down the facility while trying to get a legal LPFM license.
Subsequent visits to the studio and field strength measurements indicated the station was still on the air and that the signal was at least 1,850 times greater than permitted for a non-licensed Part 15 transmitter, the agency said.
916 Radio argued in 2005 that Major was not an employee and not responsible for the operation, and that it believed the station was operating legally while it intended to file an LP application. The organization said it did not have the money to pay the fine and asked for it to be reduced or cancelled.
The FCC said Major was responsible for the station because he told agents he was in control and took the station off the air for a short period after the first visit.
The commission said no documentation was submitted to prove the fine can’t be paid, and that the station remains unlicensed and on the air. So it upheld the fine, due in 30 days.