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Safire Thinks FCC Vote Could Blindside Bush

Safire Thinks FCC Vote Could Blindside Bush

Prominent columnist William Safire continues his efforts to keep the FCC ownership debate before the public.
The New York Times writer believes that “public opinion is on the march” and writes this week that “some in-house pollster should awaken President Bush to a bipartisan sleeper issue that could blindside him next year.”
He was commenting specifically on a committee’s passage of an amendment to hold the cap on a company’s ownership to 35 percent of the national TV audience. Safire has written critically of the FCC’s June vote several times.
He also writes that the “victory in a House committee was only a skirmish about half the battle, and that only about delaying the funds for the FCC’s misbegotten action by a year. Speaker Dennis Hastert could shoot it down in Rules, or block an embarrassing vote on the more comprehensive Burr rollback on the House floor.”