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Salamon to Leave Westwood One

Salamon to Leave Westwood One

Ed Salamon is leaving the Westwood One organization after more than twenty years with the radio giant. Effective May 1, Salamon will no longer act as in-house consultant for the network.
Salamon is credited with creating The Weekly Country Music Countdown in 1981, the first offering of the original United Stations Radio Network. He also headed the programming sector for that company, which purchased the RKO Radio Network and merged with Transtar to form The Unistar Radio Network.
Later he oversaw the company’s 24-hour formats and led their affiliate sales to a historic high, with stations in eight of the top ten markets. In 1994 he was named Westwood’s President/Programming.
Best known for making Westwood One “First In Country,” Salamon worked on a variety of programming, including shows by Charles Osgood, David Letterman and Martha Stewart.