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Salem Adjusts Formats in Two Big-Market Stations

Salem Adjusts Formats in Two Big-Market Stations

Salem Communications is introducing two news/talk formats in Philadelphia and Dallas.
WNTP(AM) at 990 kHz, formerly WZZD, in Philadelphia, and KSKY(AM) at 660 in Dallas “will provide listeners enhanced programming featuring popular radio personalities Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved and Mike Gallagher, among others,” it stated. CEO Edward G. Atsinger III called this move a “significant growth opportunity” for Salem, “part of our long-term plan of developing our three formats.”
The company quoted Philadelphia GM Russ Whitnah as saying, “Historically, WFIL(AM) and WNTP(AM) offered listeners similar programming in the Christian teaching and talk format. Our listeners now will enjoy the best of both worlds: Christian teaching and talk; and news/talk.”
He said the stations will continue broadcasting college football and basketball and wants to expand its live sports coverage.