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Samsung, Frontier Silicon Put Eureka-147 Into Phones

Samsung, Frontier Silicon Put Eureka-147 Into Phones

Samsung Electro-Mechanics and Frontier Silicon have developed a miniature low power Eureka-147 DAB receiver module targeted for integration into mobile phone handsets and other communications devices such as personal digital assistants and smart phones. The module from Samsung Electro-Mechanics measures just 30mm x 38mm and is 2.5mm high.
“We are seeing increasing interest from mobile phone manufacturers in the integration of DAB, both for audio and data applications” said C.K. Nam, manager, of the broadcast systems team at Samsung Electro-Mechanics.
“Their ability to engineer a DAB solution in such a tiny form factor with the requisite lower power consumption opens up the possibility of adding DAB to an exciting array of volume-manufactured products,” said Steve Evans, vice president of sales for Frontier Silicon.
Based on the Chorus DAB processor, which is already at the heart of more than 600,000 DAB radios, the new module can decode DAB across all of the audio and data bandwidths required by the Eureka-147 standard. It includes the RF front end, the baseband circuits and its own embedded memory.
The new module is sampling now and will be available in mass production in the third quarter of this year.