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Satellite Sisters Rally Support for Radio Al-Mahaba

Satellite Sisters Rally Support for Radio Al-Mahaba

ABC Radio Networks’ Satellite Sisters is leading a fundraising campaign to aid Radio Al-Mahaba in Baghdad.
The non-religious, non-governmental station for women encourages audience members to call in and talk to one another, and features commentators and guests that educate them about their rights. It relies on meager resources and has been harassed since launching in March 2005 by death threats and a car bomb, which took out one of Radio Al-Mahaba’s transmitters upon detonation, ABC stated.
Satellite Sisters consists of the five Dolan sisters. Their “Keep Al-Mahaba Talking” campaign seeks to raise $100,000. The Dolans are asking American broadcasters to join the cause during the acceptance speech for their Gracie for Outstanding Talk Radio Program at the American Women in Radio & Television’s Gracie Allen Awards event in New York.
“The women of Iraq are at a critical time in their history,” said Liz Dolan. “They need information, validation and community in order to succeed in a new and free society.”
For more information on Radio Al-Mahaba, visit click here.