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SBE to Release Updated Self-Inspection Guidelines for Stations

Get your broadcast station in compliance without a visit from the FCC

The Society of Broadcast Engineers will soon publish an updated set of Broadcast Station Self-Inspection Guidelines. The Federal Communications Commission published a series of checklists in years past, but, according to the SBE, those have not been updated in decades.

The SBE said in a press release: “The former FCC checklists provided a guide for stations to follow. Since the FCC-published lists have lost their relevance because of rule changes and technology advances, broadcasters have sought a replacement.”

Acting as that replacement, the first set of guidelines will cover the major broadcast services: AM, FM and digital television. The SBE said it is continuing work on other broadcast services.

SBE Government Relations Committee Chair Ched Keiler said, “It’s important that broadcasters, as a self-regulating body, adhere to common codified standards: the FCC Rules and Regulations. These documents have been developed to assist broadcast station management and engineers in conducting a self-inspection of their station, providing an opportunity for the broadcaster to review and correct any deficiencies associated with the operation of a station without an actual, on-scene visit by the FCC.”

The SBE Government Relations Committee formed a working group of SBE members in April 2022 to develop the updated guidelines. The committee has since collaborated with the National Association of Broadcasters and the FCC.

The SBE said the updated guidelines will be released in early 2024.

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