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Scripteasy Adds SNMP GET/SET Support(2)

Audemat says it will ease monitoring and control.

Audemat’s Scripteasy v2 software now includes SNMP GET/SET command capabilities, enabling broadcast equipment using the SNMP protocol to be monitored and controlled via TCP/IP.

The company says this will ease monitoring and control, and “avoid time-consuming and expensive wiring connections at the transmitting site and facilitate complex operations such as 1+1 and N+1 transmitter management.”

GET and SET commands appear via two icons added to the Graphic Script Designer module that behave as virtual digital inputs and relay outputs, and can be connected with other and more traditional inputs and outputs for automatic actions or alarms sending. They send queries and get answers that are compared with normal operating conditions, or set values in the connected equipment.

Scripteasy v2 software will be available soon, and as standard software with Audemat’s transmitter remote control line, HD monitoring equipment and FM/HD audio processors.