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Scysis Becomes Ravenna Partner

German turnkey broadcast solution provider is latest addition

Scisys Deutschland GmbH has announced that it is joining the Ravenna initiative to strengthen AoIP technology.

According to Dr. Karl-Willi Pieper, director of Scisys Deutschland GmbH, the Ravenna technology will ease the transition to AoIP for broadcasters.

“Audio-over-IP will definitely have a major impact on workflows and infrastructure within broadcast organizations. We firmly believe that the Ravenna technology will help make the transition to this new approach much easier,” said Pieper.

“We already have first operational customer installations with dira! — our radio production and playout system — working with audio-over-IP, and we are sure, that in the future audio-over-IP will be the de facto standard. And Ravenna delivers the best technology platform for this,” he said.

The addition of Scisys to the Ravenna initiative, explains Andreas Hildebrand, senior product manager of ALC NetworX, developers of the technology, reinforces the fact that Ravenna can improve and complete the media processing workflow in addition to improving the way media signals are distributed.

“With Scisys, the first company providing solutions that cover the complete workflow of planning, creating and broadcasting media content, connects to the Ravenna world,” said Hildebrand.

“While most of the established Ravenna partners offer dedicated products for audio processing and conversion, Scisys’ move shows evidently that the potential of the Ravenna technology is not only restricted to the way media signals are distributed throughout a facility, but also offers the opportunity to change and improve overall media processing workflows. The decision by Scisys to officially support Ravenna is an indicator that more and more manufacturers and end customers favor open and standardized technologies against proprietary solutions.”