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Serbian Station Rebuilds

Serbian Station Rebuilds

Codec supplier Audio Processing Technology is part of a rebuilding program at Serbian radio station Radio Televizija Srbije, or RTS.
APT said the station lost most of its technical assets to NATO bombers and anti-Milosevic protestors, and is now trying to transform itself into a national public broadcasting system.
“The transformation is being spearheaded by a new board of directors, which was appointed by the new Serbian government after Milosevic was ousted from power in October 2000,” APT said in a statement. “This includes journalists and independent professionals … many of whom were actively opposed to Milosevic.”
Milan Orlic, chief technical director for RTS, told the supplier, “We are still trying to rebuild the studios and transmission facilities and we are back on air broadcasting more than 100 hours of programming a day. But there is much to be done and very little money with which to do it.”
RTS bought a dozen codecs from APT to transmit stereo signals via multiplex to the radio stationĀ¹s main switching rooms.

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