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Kybio NMS Gets a Major Update

WorldCast Connect will exhibit the system at IBC2022

At the IBC2022 show, WorldCast Connect will show version 4.7 of its Kybio network management system for media. It calls this a major software release.

A new umbrella feature is available for multi-layered infrastructures. The company said this provides large and complex radio and TV networks with a “master” solution to oversee numerous local sites across a single view from their NOC. 

“Each local station or studio has a fully operational Kybio to monitor and manage its own operations while the master Kybio functions as an umbrella system to oversee the current state of the channel across the entire network. Users can also take site-by-site action when needed.”

Also new: On first deployment, whether on-premise or SaaS, users land on a visual dashboard of their Kybio performing self-monitoring. This enables users to monitor their instance of Kybio to ensure the software is working and handling its monitoring tasks. 

“In line with this improvement in user experience, WorldCast Connect developed dynamic dashboard assets for new text, readings and gauges to display all the information the most readable.”

Other improvements include the option to embed an SVG inside a driver with autobinding when a device is scanned, and Twillio integration for SMS delivery over API. “This enables Twillio SMS messaging directly from Kybio without the need for extra hardware,” it said.

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