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MARC Boards Get Bluetooth Module

Arrakis expands a popular feature from its ARC line

Arrakis was the first to introduce a Bluetooth feature, doing so in its ARC Series broadcast radio consoles. Now it offers one for its MARC series.

The MARC is modular, allowing a user to configure the board as needed. The six available modules are Microphone, with A/B inputs; Stereo Line, with A/B) inputs; USB, to connect to a Windows or Mac PC; Phone, of which up to two can be used; Studio Monitor, to talk between the control room and another studio; and the new Bluetooth module.

Bluetooth-enabled consoles can be paired to any Bluetooth-enabled device such as a cell phone, audio player or recorder editor, Arrakis says. “Just pair your cell phone to the console, and answer your incoming calls with the built-in ‘Call’ button on the board. You may then end the call with the ‘Drop’ button, just like a standard Bluetooth phone hybrid. The caller receives the console bus mix (‘minus’ the caller audio) so there is no feedback.”

You can take calls on the audition bus, where you can record the call for later playback, or send it to the program out to play over the air.

The module can be retrofitted into existing boards as well.

Arrakis will be at the NAB Show, Booth W1742.

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