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Moseley Debuts New Link

Maverix bidirectional “huge data pipe” aims for radio and TV duties

Moseley says that its new Maverix DT is a dual‐transceiver, all-weather outdoor, IP radio operating from 6 GHz to 42 GHz, with modulations up to 4096 QAM, and ultrawide bandwidth operation to 112 MHz ETSI and 160 MHz ANSI.

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It specs at up to 5.5 Gbps per radio though is at home at 2.75 Gbps for less-demanding links. It can operate in both licensed Part 74 and Part 101 channels simultaneously.

Web browser interface and SNMP allow convenient remote monitoring and integration into larger networks.

Moseley also says that “Maverix’s high data throughput fulfills audio, data and voice link requirements for even the largest multiple-station radio and TV clusters.”

Furthermore, “In addition to bidirectional audio and video transport, Maverix creates a huge data pipe to and from the transmitter site enabling stations to employ money saving IP applications and appliances at the site for control, security, off premises mirrored servers and the like.” This can provide for adding a live security feed from a transmitter site or utilizing the receiver site as a back-up server and archive.


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