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NAB Sneak Peek: Calrec Type R Offers Customizable Operation

IP-based radio system uses standard networking technology combined with soft panel touchscreens

Type R, from Calrec, is a modular, expandable, IP-based radio system, which utilizes standard networking technology and combines it with soft panels that can be tailored to operator needs. Type R’s physical control system consists of just three slimline panels: a fader panel, a large soft panel and a small soft panel. Each is compatible with COTS hardware and powered over Ethernet to keep cabling to a minimum.

Calrec says Type R has a simple 2RU core at its heart with integrated I/O resources to get you up and running immediately. A single core can power up to three independent mixing environments, with no sharing of DSP resources.

The company explains that it has designed the touchscreen soft panels, which can be customized as multifunction panels, around simple and color-differentiated control elements. Operators can use the soft panels in either landscape or portrait formats and are able to change functionality quickly from show-to-show using memory loads to fit the needs of the talent. In addition, says the firm, it’s possible to add or remove panels as simply as plugging or unplugging an Ethernet cable.

NAB Show Booth: C7408