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Staying Ahead of the New Technology Curve

In today’s fast-moving technology world, new is old before the power button is turned on.

In today’s fast-moving technology world, new is old before the power button is turned on.

To try to stay ahead of the curve, NAB has scheduled a series of “Super Sessions” at the NAB convention that cover timely issues and technologies of interest to a broad cross section of broadcast professionals.

The high-profile topics include portable media, IPTV, the ups and downs of DTV marketing and content for digital media.


“People who come to NAB conventions are very technically savvy, sophisticated in their careers and very interested in new digital media technology and trends that may impact their businesses or careers,” said John Marino, vice president of NAB Science and Technology.

“Our Super Sessions bring together experts from a variety of industries with fresh ideas, important for the evolution of nascent technologies into the mainstream of profitability.” Business models, case studies that work, and alliances among complementary industries are all important issues Marino said organizers of the show try to offer in the sessions.


The Super Sessions for NAB2007 are:

“Digital Content: The Race Is On,” 10:30 a.m.–Noon, April 16. The focus of the program is how to take advantage of new business models and new technologies that are required to provide digital content and value to customers. Keynote speaker, Shane Robison, executive vice president, chief strategy and technology officer, Hewlett-Packard Company, will be joined by moderator Peggy Miles, president and founder, Intervox Communications.

“Portable! Digital Media Content Anywhere, Anytime,” 2–3:30 p.m., April 16. What consumers want from portable media and the realities of the marketplace are front and center in this session. Keynote speaker Blake Krikorian, CEO, Sling Media, Inc., will be joined by panelists Stuart Lipoff, partner, IP Action Partners; and Daniel Tibbets, executive vice president, Studios, GoTV Networks. Brian Cooley, editor-at-large, CNET Networks, Inc.,, will moderate the session.

“Upload, Download and Overload: 2008 Election Media Strategy,” 2:30–3:45 p.m., April 16. Chris Matthews, host of “Hardball with Chris Matthews” and “The Chris Matthews Show,” will lead a discussion on how technology turned the 2006 elections upside down and how technology will play a role in 2008 as media companies prepare for their coverage.

“IPTV–Market Outlook 2010,” 9–10:30 a.m., April 17. Find out what is ahead for IPTV as telcos push new content and bandwidth to end-users, and how it will affect your business. Moderator Jimmy Schaeffer, chairman and chief service officer, The Carmel Group, will be joined by panelists James Goodmon, president, CEO, Capitol Broadcasting Co., Inc.; Alan Guggenheim, CEO, OpenTV; Omar Javaid, senior director of business development, QUALCOMM MediaFLO Technologies; and Shawn Strickland, vice president–FiOS TV product management, Verizon Communications.

“Profit From Broadband Video’s Disruptive Impact,” 10:30 a.m.–noon, April 17. The impact of broadband has come full circle, and yet this is only the beginning of this industry, still considered to be in its infancy. The session will look at strategies for success, lessons learned and the future. Keynoter, David Eun, vice president, Content Partnership, Google, will be joined by panelists Gary Gannaway, president, CEO and chairman of the board, WorldNow; Shawn Gold, chief marketing officer, MySpace; George Kliavkoff, chief digital officer, NBC Universal; Blake Krikorian, CEO, Sling Media, Inc.; and Daniel Scheinman, senior vice president and general manager, Cisco Media Solutions Group. The session will be moderated by Will Richmond, president and founder, Broadband Directions LLC.


“Venture Capital–Where the Innovators Are Investing Dollars,” 10:30 a.m.–noon, April 18. Silicon Valley venture capitalists will outline where the investment interest lies in radio and TV broadcasting, both in the U.S. and abroad. Bob Pittman, founding member, Pilot Group LLC, will give the keynote address and the session will be moderated by Peter Daley, equity research analyst, Digital Media, Rutberg & Co.

“The Global Picture on HDTV Deployment: Lessons Learned, Mistakes to Avoid,” 4–5:30 p.m., April 18. Hear a frank discussion with speakers, David K. Rehr, NAB president and CEO, and Jonathan Collegio, NAB vice president, digital television transition, on what has worked and what has not worked as the conversion to DTV continues.

“Social Networking in the 21st Century,” 2–3:30 p.m., April 19. Experts will discuss the future for video social networking sites, how they can survive, what makes them successful and how brands can be built and marketed. The keynote will be given by Shen Tong, president and founder, VFinity. Panelists include: David Bankston, executive vice president and CTO, Neighborhood America; Nick Desai, chairman and chief creative officer, Juice Wireless; Cynthia Francis, chief executive office, Reality Digital; Michael Gordon, co-founder and chief strategy officer, Limelight Networks; Suzanne Stefanac, director, AFI Digital Content Lab; and Rex Wong, CEO, Dave TV. Peggy Miles, president and founder, Intervox Communications, moderates.