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SIBC Selects Sonifex

Shetland Islands Broadcasting Company adds two S2 broadcast mixers and distribution amplifiers

Covering the Shetland Isles since 1987, SIBC or the Shetland Islands Broadcasting Company has been undergoing a station renovation over the last three years, replacing all of its equipment, including its broadcast mixing desks.

The new system being brought in is the Sonifex S2 broadcast mixer. SIBC is also adding two Sonifex distribution amplifiers.

The Sonifex S2 radio broadcast mixer is a small format, modular digital I/O analog mixer, which offers digital audio quality and analog reliability in a modular format, explains the company.

The system has both digital and analog input channels and simultaneous analog and digital outputs. Additional features include fader-start operation, automatic monitor muting on mic-live, light switching remote outputs, bus output selection on each module, Sonifex says.

The Sonifex S2 Radio was installed this past March and went live in May. SIBC expects to complete the project in 2016.