Silliman on National TV — Again

Silliman on National TV — Again
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The national media just can’t get enough of Tom Silliman.
The president and chairman of ERI will appear on the Discovery Channel on the evening of June 14, in a story about tall TV towers for the so-called Nashville Project.
In the past year, Silliman has been featured on, or appeared in, several TV programs and print publications. Much of the coverage focuses on his experiences as a climber of high broadcast towers such as the structure atop the Empire State Building. In 1992, Silliman led the team that installed antennas atop Empire.
Last year, ABC’s "20/20" profiled him as one of its "People Working on the Edge." The New York Times covered one of his trips to Empire under the title, "Where Is King Kong When a Bulb Goes Out?" He has appeared on “Ripley’s Believe It or Not,” and in the pages of Radio World and National Geographic.
Radio World’s 2001 profile of Silliman is online at


Silliman: On Top, Still Climbing

CHANDLER, Ind. Lots of people can say they’ve been to the top of the Empire State Building, but not many have been where Tom Silliman has been, clinging to a metal framework and looking down at the art-deco peak, once intended as a dirigible mooring mast, that now anchors a cluster of FM and TV antennas for New York City.