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Sirius Service Uninterrupted; Helps WNYC

Sirius Service Uninterrupted; Helps WNYC

Sirius stayed on the air during the power blackout in the northeast thanks to a back-up generator. The satcaster also opened its facilities to noncommercial WNYC AM-FM to help station personnel keep their station on the air during the blackout. Sirius and non-commercial radio are programming partners as the satcaster has several channels dedicated to NPR and PRI programming.
Sirius aired special announcements on all 100 news, talk and music streams, alerting listeners to tune to its news channels for information. Sirius carried live reports from the streets of New York City.
“When the blackout occurred, our back-up generators immediately responded and provided support to our broadcast and studio facilities,” stated Sirius CTO Terry Smith. He said Sirius service was not interrupted by the power outage.
Sirius carried live coverage from news programming partners Fox News, CNN, CNBC, ABC, E! Entertainment, BBC and the Associated Press, stated Sirius’ EVP Programming Jay Clark. “We provided additional broadcast support to a number of our partners and to WNYC, which was without power at its downtown studio location.”