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Skelton Memorial Scheduled

Weekend service for former NRB chairman in Tennessee

A memorial service for Rev. William A. “Bill” Skelton, former chairman of the National Religious Broadcasters organization, is planned for this Saturday.

Skelton passed away on Feb. 16. He served on the NRB board of directors from 1995 until his death, and was chairman from 2008 until 2011. Skelton was credited with being instrumental in the broadcast operations of the Love Worth Finding ministry.

In a message at the ministry’s website, CEO Cary E. Vaughn wrote, “Bill Skelton was a pioneer for LWF and a catalyst for religious broadcasting. His leadership, fellowship and service are the foundation we will build upon for years to come. It is my joy to carry the baton forward.”

The service will be held at the Faith Baptist Church in Bartlett, Tenn., starting at 2 p.m.

Bill Skelton Dies

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