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GatesAir Expands Targeted Advertising Capabilities

Supports networks moving from satellite to the cloud for bulk transport

GatesAir plans a new software release to help broadcast networks and content syndicators manage local ad insertions through Intraplex AoIP and cloud networking systems. It will be available in June.

“The new targeted advertising capabilities, fueled through precise metadata triggers enabled within the software, offer a compelling new reason for broadcasters to transition out of the satellite space and embrace the benefits of the cloud for bulk audio transport,” the company said.

The software capabilities are supported on the Intraplex Ascent cloud platform and IP Link 100c, 100e and 100n AoIP codecs. 

“For broadcasters using satellite for bulk transport today, moving to a cloud platform such as Ascent means much lower long-term costs and greater control of the operation without any sacrifice to reliable program delivery,” it said.

Local insertion using an IP Link 100 c system.

“In a typical scenario, a customer’s traffic manager will interface with a headend-based IP Link codec or Ascent to trigger virtual metadata that activates local ads for network affiliates at defined times with exacting precision, and switch back to national programming at the conclusion of the local ad break. Triggers are scheduled within the Intraplex platform, which automates delivery to all affiliates without requirements for local manual intervention. Intraplex IP Link Audio over IP codecs or Ascent will automatically receive and activate triggers at local affiliates to manage the breaks.”

The company said broadcasters that use satellite for program syndication and large-scale content delivery are faced with fresh challenges from the C-Band satellite repack, including diminished capacity to rising operational costs.

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