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Smooth Jazz Listeners Have ‘Upscale Tastes’

They also like their wine, opera and jewelry as well as their Kenny G.

Are smooth jazz listeners an attractive target for advertisers?

One study suggests the answer is yes. Listeners of “smooth jazz” format stations have “above average income, and upscale tastes in entertainment, leisure and shopping behavior.”

According to a National Radio Format Report from The Media Audit, 5 million adults listen to stations with the format in a typical week. A significant segment are “affluent empty-nesters” earning $50,000+ annually.

Nearly 40% report that they listen to a smooth jazz station more than any other station. Seventy percent are age 35 to 64. Some 36% of smooth jazz listeners frequently attend the opera, symphony or theater, which is 21% higher than the national average. The report offers further details on spending habits and spending plans on smooth jazz listeners.