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Soundcraft Releases Compact Mixers

Soundcraft Releases Compact Mixers

The Spirit M Series compact mixers are the latest offering from Soundcraft. The Spirit M4, M8 and M12 offer four, eight and 12 mono inputs respectively and all feature four stereo inputs, four stereo returns, 100 mm faders and an S/PDIF stereo digital output. All channels have peak and signal LEDs, complemented by a stereo output meter.

The mono input mic preamp design is from the Soundcraft Ghost console. The three-band EQ has a swept mid and focused HF response.

The mixers feature a steel chassis that can withstand 130-pound loads. The Spirit M8 and M12 also have rackmount capability and conversion involving the removal of the side trims and a few screws.

Additional features of the series include four auxiliary sends: two pre-fade, two post-fade; pre- and post-fade switchable direct output on every mono input channel; an insert point on each channel for external signal processing; 48 V phantom power; 100 Hz high-pass filter; PFL on each channel for signal monitoring pre-fader and AFL monitoring of each aux output and two-track playback inputs with level control, PFL and mix replacement function.

The suggested retail price for the Spirit M4 is $699; Spirit M8, $849 and Spirit M12, $999.