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Soundcraft, Studer Reorganize Duties

Harman’s console makers separate tasks, focus on roles

Harman International’s two console builders, Soundcraft and Studer, will divide up console building duties.

Near Studer’s Regensdorf, Switzerland headquarters, a new Console Technology Center will be built. The CTC will focus on console research and development for both console brands.

For its part, Soundcraft will inherit most production duties for both badges. New duties require the addition of personnel. Members of Studer’s Swiss engineering team will travel to England to oversee training of the new staff that are assigned to Studer products.

Soundcraft Studer President Andy Trott stated that the move will enable the company to bring digital products to market faster and more cost-effectively. “Part of Harman’s strategy is to focus on centers of expertise. Currently the majority of our digital R&D is done in Switzerland… However, we’re still manufacturing consoles across two countries, adding time and cost. That doesn’t make operational and financial sense.”