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Limited Support Available for Stranded Como Audio Equipment Users

"One thing I don't do is exchange or repair products or sell parts"

Como Audio equipment owners can now rejoice — somewhat. Former Como Audio General Manager and V.P. of Product Development Peter Skiera is now offering limited support for the company’s high-end audio equipment, whose users were left stranded after Como Audio closed down unexpectedly in February, 2023.

Access to these services can be found through Skiera’s Patreon webpage, which does require users to pay a $3/month Elite level subscription fee following a seven-day free trial. He also runs Recommended Stations, which directs internet radio listeners to the best stations on the web, plus Wind Chime Radio, which is Skiera’s own internet radio station.

“I provide technical support as far as answering questions, troubleshooting and providing advice and guidance,” Skiera told Radio World. “In addition, I post monthly ‘Como Tips’ that highlight features users may not have realized existed or didn’t know how to use. These include things like how to improve FM reception, change the time display, how to adjust the clock for Daylight Saving Time and how to access HD Radio stations.”

Skiera also posts “Como Updates” on an as-needed basis. “These deal with news all Como Audio customers should be aware of, like the status of the Como Control apps and the popular ‘My Favorites’ feature,” he said. “One thing I don’t do is exchange or repair products or sell parts.”

Skiera said he decided to offer limited Como Audio support because “I felt so bad for our loyal customers when the company closed, many of whom were more than just customers to me,” he said. “No one knew more about our products than I did, and I provided tech support as part of my duties with Como Audio including my ‘How To’ videos on YouTube and helpful articles on Como’s blog. A lot of our customers already knew me. I considered myself to be in a unique position to offer this kind of service.”

Although he is unable to provide a full range of support to Como Audio users, Skiera said those who have used his services are apparently happy with what he is able to offer. He adds: “The challenge is trying to reach our worldwide customer base since I cannot afford advertising. I rely entirely on word of mouth.”

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