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Sports See Most Growth in Triton Digital Top 20 Ranker

But Pandora remains in the lead

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Triton Digital has released its monthly Top 20 Ranker for August 2016, indicating the month’s top streaming audio providers and listening trend insights.

In total, the ranker says that streamers reported a total of 4,704,765 average active sessions during the Monday–Friday 6 a.m–8 p.m. daypart within the U.S.; and 3,978,804 AAS during the Monday–Sunday 6 a.m.–midnight daypart, also in the U.S.

This means that year-over-year growth for that time period has been steady for all streamers. Both streaming services and radio broadcasters both saw growth.

The domestic ranker shows that Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Cumulus and NPR were the top five streamers for the M–F 6–8 day part, with Pandora in the lead with almost 2.5 million AAS.

Also, sports-formatted stations saw the most growth from July to August — 12.9% — perhaps due to baseball and the Olympics. Nonetheless, ESPN came in ninth with under 22,000 AAS in August.

Music stations also had an increase in AAS: adult contemporary (12.7%), country (10.5%), classic rock (9.9%) and Top 40 (7.6%).

Listeners used Apple devices 40% of the time, Android 31%, Google Chrome 8% and Flash Player also 8%.