Stardraw Adds URL, Spanish Options to Software

Stardraw Adds URL, Spanish Options to Software
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Stardraw, which makes documentation and design software for broadcast and pro audio applications, has added a URL feature to its software that brings users to a manufacturer's home page and offers access to specific content including database-driven product pages.
Separately, the company said several of its products are available in Spanish, which brings the number of language versions to six. The company also recently announced Online Libraries that let users access product symbols directly from the Internet, instead of downloading from the Stardraw Web site.


R&S Adds Generator Option

The option, available for the SMU200A, SMJ100A, SMATE200A and AMU200A, enables users to generate signals for all conventional mobile radio standards — as well as for GPS, DAB, DVB-H and T-DMB — with a single device.