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Stations to Air the Gipper, Bush Speeches in Format Play

Stations to Air the Gipper, Bush Speeches in Format Play

You’ve heard of stations promoting format changes by playing all-Beatles or all-Frank? How about all-conservative presidents?
Salem today (Friday) completes the acquisition of WNTR(AM), the old WGUL in Tampa, as well as WLSS(AM), serving Sarasota-Bradenton-Venice. This weekend, both stations will launch what Salem calls “Air Force One.”
It said the temporary format “will offer continuous speeches by some of our nation’s conservative leaders including President Ronald Reagan, President George Herbert Walker Bush and President George W. Bush, among others.” Content will include a speech by Reagan in 1964 that helped launch his political career, a campaign appearance for Barry Goldwater’s campaign.
In the announcement, Salem Tampa GM Christopher Gould Sr. stated, “Since President Reagan’s death, many pundits have tried to articulate the message of the Reagan Revolution. Most people under 30 never have heard these speeches. … Equally important, we want to honor those men and women throughout history who fought and died for the freedom we enjoy today. We hope our listeners will enjoy this special tribute to the community and the Greatest Generation.”
Longer term, WLSS is going to be airing a format of syndicated talk including Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Michael Savage and Hugh Hewitt; WNTR will air several of those programs plus Laura Ingraham.