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Stern Heads to Sirius Satellite in 2006

Stern Heads to Sirius Satellite in 2006

Lots of people have wondered what would happen if a really big name air talent jumped to satellite radio.
Now we’ll find out. Howard Stern has agreed to a half-billion-dollar, five-year deal with Sirius Satellite Radio, starting in January 2006, Reuters reported.
Infinity put out a statement: “We at Infinity have enjoyed our years with Howard. We wish him well in his new foray into the world of pay subscription radio, beginning in 2006.” But it’s unlikely to make Viacom investors happy that the popular morning shock jock will now be heard on a subscription service.
“Those religious kooks think they’ve won,” Reuters quoted Stern as saying about critics of his program. “They’re wrong. I volunteered to go off into a whole new medium..”
Business and program analysts will watch to see if this move lifts Sirius onto a more competitive footing with XM, and how traditional over-the-air broadcasters are affected.
Also Wednesday, Reuters said, Stern on his show called the broadcast radio climate “too restrictive” and lashed out at Clear Channel, which had dropped its affiliations with Stern.
“I will bury you,” he said. “I am not going to sit still and let Clear Channel win this battle against me, it’s personal. Give me five years with this company Sirius.”
Viacom spokesman Dana McClintock told Reuters: “We have 185 stations with a lot of great talent. This announcement is not material to Infinity or Viacom.”