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Streaming Listening Hits ‘All-Time High’

Triton Digital figures show Pandora’s surpasses one billion session starts

Streaming audio listening reached a new high in October, according to Triton Digital.

Most streamers saw growth of between 2 to 11% (Mon–Fri 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.) over September.

The Web audio measurement provider characterized October metrics as returning “to the kind of seasonal listening growth we’ve witnessed in prior years. With summer a distant memory, colder weather and shorter days daytime listening jumps,” according to Triton,which added overall streaming listening was at an “all-time high” in October.

Triton ranks the top streamers in order of Average Active Sessions. They are: #1 — Pandora (1.89 million AAS), #2 — Clear Channel (320,152 AAS), #3 — Cumulus (73,671 AAS), #4 — Slacker (67,934 AAS), #5 — CBS Radio (66,786 AAS) and #6 — NPR member stations (41,437 AAS).

Pandora’s numbers are notable, given the recent launch of Apple’s iTunes Radio. In October, Pandora surpassed one billion session starts for the first time, according to Triton Digital.