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Streaming Radio, Programmatic Get Agencies’ Attention

Strata survey projects larger budgets in 2015 for some categories

Ad agency interest for 2015 in digital is growing, streaming radio remains strong and print is at an all-time low, according to media buying and selling software company Strata.

Advertising agencies have entered the year with optimism, expanded client budgets and big plans for growth, according to Strata’s survey findings.

Streaming radio remains strong as 48% of agencies say they are more interested in it than a year ago, and only 8% say they are less interested; broadcast radio is not mentioned in the survey.

TV leads over digital as the medium with the most client focus at 44% compared to 27%, respectively, followed by digital video in third place. As for print advertising, 66% of agencies are less interested in that spend compared to a year ago, according to the findings.

“Ad agencies are expecting to see larger budgets from their clients along with increased demand for digital. The growth in these key areas and the increasingly fragmented media landscape are putting pressure on agencies to become more efficient,” says Strata President Joy Baer, who adds that initiatives like programmatic buying and better support of digital video are paramount for the company’s clients and the industry this year.

More agencies are planning on using programmatic as 37% report that they will carry out between 10–20% of their ad buys programmatically, up 30% from the third quarter. Just under a quarter of agencies (24%) say they trust programmatic buying to properly execute their ad orders; one-third of agencies are still unsure.

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