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Study Examines Internet Radio Listening

Bridge Ratings finds online radio continuing upward trend

Internet radio reaches around 60 million Americans people in a given week.

That’s according to Bridge Ratings in a new report. The 60 million number includes both the Internet streams of traditional broadcasters as well online-only services like Pandora and AccuRadio.

The research company said 84% of this group regularly listens for at least five minutes to AM/FM simulcast streams in a typical week, while 62% regularly listens for at least five minutes listening to Internet-only streams.

It also believes that 77 million Americans will listen to Internet radio streams on computers and mobile devices five years from now.

“Based on interviews which measured satisfaction and fatigue levels, we are projecting that by that date the percentage listening to AM/FM simulcast streams will fall to 81% while those listening to Internet-only radio streams will increase to 72%,” it further concluded.

“The percentage of streaming listeners for AM/FM simulcasts and Internet-only will reach parity by the end of 2016.”

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