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Study Finds Stations Are Confusing Listeners About HD-R

Study Finds Stations Are Confusing Listeners About HD-R

Programmer Mark Kassof has posted an “HD Radio ‘Yellow Alert’” on his Web site in response to his recent survey about consumer confusion regarding the new technology.
In May, his company found a lack of familiarity with HD-R, but now, “we find that 5% of all 18-64’s think they’re listening to HD, but they can’t be because they haven’t purchased an HD-capable radio.”
He believes stations that have converted and are running on-air promos for IBOC are causing the confusion because they’re not explaining to listeners that they need a new radio to hear the digital.
Misinformed listeners are not impressed with what they think is HD Radio, says Kassof, president of Mark Kassof & Co. “Nearly half (46%) tell us it is ‘about the same’ as regular FM.”
The situation can be turned around if stations start communicating what HD Radio is, its benefits and how to get it, he says. The findings are based on 752 telephone interviews completed just before the NAB Radio Show.