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Susquehanna Orders Five Digital Transmitters for IBOC

Susquehanna Orders Five Digital Transmitters for IBOC

Indianapolis is going to be a digital kind o’ town, with two Susquehanna stations already broadcasting in HD Radio and a third on the way in that city.
Broadcast Electronics said Susquehanna Radio Corp. is equipping several of its FM stations with BE HD Radio digital transmitters, signal generators and exciters. Now on the air are WFMS and WGLD in Indianapolis with transmitter systems. Later this month, WGRL gets a transmitter package including HDR amplification, signal generator and digital exciter.
Also, WARM in York, Pa., and WRRM in Cincinnati will get transmitters next year.
“The five BE transmitters are being configured for common amplification of both the analog and digital FM signals in combined low-level operation,” the company stated.
Norman Philips is Susquehanna director of technical operations.