Symetrix Plans New Voice Processor

Symetrix Plans New Voice Processor
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The Symetrix AirTools 6200 Digital Voice Processor is slated for release in August. It is a dual-channel unit, consisting of two audio pathways capable of processing mic or line level inputs independently or as a stereo pair. Combo rear input jacks accept XLR or 1/4-inch TRS connectors with phantom power included.
Audio is converted to 24-bit 48 kHz digital following the analog preamp stage. The user can specify the type and order of processing using the controls or Windows software included with the unit. Control is available via RS-232/485, USB or Ethernet with one or more unit control possible via LAN. Up to 1,024 profiles may be stored. The 6200 incorporates many of the features of the 528, 528E and 628 voice processors.


Omnia Ships Two New Processors

Citing demand driven by HD Radio multicasts, streaming Internet audio and networked delivery system cluster installations, Omnia Audio is shipping two new processors: Omnia One FM and Omnia.8X.