Syntrillium Beats Drum for Cool Edit Pro 2.0

Syntrillium Beats Drum for Cool Edit Pro 2.0
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Syntrillium Software is e-mailing existing users with specials and information about its new Cool Edit Pro 2.0.
The software now handles 128 tracks and has a new mixer window. Features include real-time effects with track bussing, real-time EQ on every track, MIDI and video support, new DSP effects, SMPTE/MTC "Master" support, instant undo and redo and the ability to burn audio CDs with a free optional plug-in.
The new mp3PRO format compresses audio files twice as much as standard MP3 and is compatible with older MP3 players. The company's is a community site where users can download from a royalty-free loop library.
An evaluation version is at


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Cool Edit Pro 2.0: Even Cooler

In its earliest days, Cool Edit was a shareware download. It did a bunch of neat things to your audio for almost no money. And if you could deal with a nag screen and work around that "two-features-only" limitation in demo mode, you could live forever off the free download.