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Taming the Wild Bass

RealTraps develops larger bass trap

When you have mice or roaches you set some traps, so why not set a trap for your wild bass waves? They may eat less and they are less unsightly, untamed bass waves can be more annoying.

To ride to your rescue RealTraps is offering a new, more ambitious bass trap, the MegaTrap. Confidence-instilling name, eh?

The MegaTrap is designed to sit in corners. It has a fashionable fabric face to mitigate its potentially dominating presence of almost three feet in width. Colors available are black, gray, white and wheat.

A “proprietary limp mass membrane” inside the triangular trap is used to quash much of the errant bass. RealTraps claims that the MegaTrap will capture bass at lower levels than ever before.

An optional Masonite surface is available for those wanting to turn a MegaTrap short stack into a corner table or speaker stand fit for Architectural Digest.