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Tascam Integrates Production

Tascam Integrates Production

The TASCAM SX-1 Integrated Audio Production Station, introduced at the 110th AES convention in Amsterdam, combines automated digital mixing, hard disk recording, MIDI sequencing, extremely powerful editing, DSP plug-in technology and multi-format mastering capabilities.
Designed to accommodate the needs of project studios, professional recording facilities and film/video post-production, the SX-1 is engineered for audio recording, MIDI production and editing.
The unit’s features include a flexible 40 x 8 digital mixing console with 100mm, touch sensitive faders, built-in automation and 16 high-quality phantom-powered mic preamps; a 48kHz, 24-bit, 16-track hard disk recorder that uses an internal IDE disk drive and additional front-panel and rear-panel SCSI interface; integrated waveform, MIDI, and automation data editing via an internal recording/editing engine that operates off a BeIA system.
Additionally the system has surround-mixing capabilities with the ability to record a full 5.1 mix to the internal HD in addition to the original 16 audio tracks.
The SX-1 also has a 128-track MIDI sequencer with on-the-fly editing modes, standard and step record modes and an internal sample clock. Each of the 64 MIDI outputs can be mapped to channel strips on the console and channel strip faders and knobs can then be assigned to output MIDI channel or custom, user-defined MIDI messages.
The system also features a CD-RW drive for printing surround or stereo mixes, data backup and archiving and importing sounds from audio or data CDs.
The SX-1 will be available in summer 2001 for $8,999.