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Task Force to Look at Voice Tracking

Task Force to Look at Voice Tracking

Although FCC Chairman Michael Powell didn’t get specific on the details of the other initiatives announced earlier this week, he did say the commission is forming a task force to gather data and study media localism. Part of the plan is to hold hearings on localism across the country.
The task force would also advise the commission on recommendations to Congress this fall about licensing “thousands” of new LPFMs, presumably by changing interference protections, which the agency would need Congress to approve.
The commission “suspects there are problems” with media localism, Powell said. The goal of the task force is to discover if that’s accurate.
Chairman Powell said this September, the Media Bureau staff will deliver to the commissioners a proposed Notice of Inquiry on localism, seeking comment on a range of issues. Voice tracking on radio has been raised as an issue the agency will seek public comment on.