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TAW Global, Macally Cited for Marketing Non-Compliant Transmitters

Consumer FM devices are focus of attention

Two companies were cited this week for marketing non-compliant and unlabeled radio frequency devices in the United States. Both were warned by the FCC that future violations may lead to fines; they have 30 days to respond to the citations.

TAW Global told the commission it began importing and marketing the WH FM Transmitter in 2004; it said it imported more than 18,000 and has sold some 11,600 through its Web site. China-based Richfield Electronics makes the WH FM, according to TAW, which said it relied on Richfield to verify that the unit met FCC equipment authorization standards and was labeled properly.

The other case involved Macally USA Mace Group for marketing the FM Cup Transmitter. Macally told the commission it imported more than 88,000 of the devices and have sold more than 81,000 in the U.S.. According to Macally, CML Development Ltd. manufactured the FM Cup Transmitter between April 2006 and June 2007 and that Power 7 Technology has manufactured the unit since April 2007.

CML got an equipment authorization for the unit in June 2006 and Power 7 received its equipment authorization for the FM Cup in July 2008, according to the FCC. Therefore, the agency stated in its citation, FM Cup Transmitters made by the companies before they received their equipment authorizations were apparently not authorized.

The commission said it performed emission tests on the FM Cups made by Richfield, CML and Power 7 and found the field strength exceeded the limit of 250 microvolt per meter at 3 meters for intentional radiators.

We reported here on a fine against Power 7 involving the FM Cup last week.