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TC Works Pours On Power

TC Works Pours On Power

The TC Powercore DSP-Turbo, new from TC Works, is designed to accelerate signal processing for VST-compatible audio workstations.
The card employs five discrete processors — one PowerPC and four Motorola 56K DSPs — providing up to 24-bit/96-kHz audio. This provides DSP processing capability of 2800 MHz.
The card supplies the user with 400 DSP MIPS (million instructions/second). One DSP instruction, or cycle, is capable of loading two data items, fetching the next processor instruction and performing a combined multiplication and addition at the same time.
The unit works with VST/MAS-capable applications such as Logic, Nuendo, Spark, Digital Performer or Cubase and any sound system supported by the software.
The TC Powercore includes TC Tools/96K — TC Mega Reverb, TC Chorus/Delay and TC EQSat Plug-Ins — and SparkLe mastering software. The card is an open-development platform enabling manufacturers to offer software for it.
The setup enables users to assemble a heavy-duty DAW on a Mac G3 or G4 for much less than it would cost for a turnkey solution.
The list price for the TC Powercore is $1,295.