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TC-Helicon Has VoicePro Processor

TC-Helicon Has VoicePro Processor

TC-Helicon is offering the VoicePro processor, a 2RU unit it touts as unique for its ability to control dimensions of the human voice and remodel them.
VoicePro does this by manipulating pitch over an eight-octave range, time shifting, character shifting with VoiceModeling, multiple harmony generation with up to four voices, transducer emulation to recreate the noise, bandwidth and distortion characteristics of phones, radios and megaphones.
It includes algorithms traditionally used for processing the human voice such as EQ, compression, limiting, de-essing and other effects.
Also new from the company are the DB-4 and DB-8 airchain audio processors, with matrix switching. A DB-4 can apply different processing to four mono or two stereo paths, while the DB-8 can process eight mono, four stereo or a combination of one stereo and one 5.1 signal.
Info: visit the company’s Web site.