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Tech Talk: IEEE Wants to Hear From You

Broadcast Technology Society has issued a call for papers.

The IEEE Broadcast Technology Society has issued a call for papers to be presented at its 58th annual broadcast symposium, scheduled this year for Oct. 15–17 in Alexandria, Va.

The organization is seeking papers in:

  • Technical issues associated with the termination of analog television broadcasting
  • Repurposing of analog transmission transmitters
  • Digital radio and television systems
  • Streaming, IPTV, VoIP, VOD, mobile TV wireless multimedia
  • Wireless broadband networks
  • Transmission, propagation, reception, re-distribution of broadcast signals

Abstracts should be limited to 500 words and are to be sent to the organization’s e-mail address, [email protected]. They are due by May 23. The deadline for submission of full papers is Aug. 29.

— TV Technology