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TerraSonde Has Digital Audio Toolbox

TerraSonde Has Digital Audio Toolbox

TerraSonde is touting The Digital Audio Toolbox, which offers multifunction test and analysis capabilities for digital audio.
Company President Andrew Smith said the hand-held system has 25 digital audio test, analysis and utility functions. The DSP-powered product has four main sets of I/O connectors – Digital Inputs 1 and 2, Digital Output and Analog Output – as well as word clock I/O and a serial port.
Supported formats include AES, S/PDIF, TOSLINK and ADAT, at bit depths of 24 bits and sample rates to 96 kHz. These let the system check lock between digital streams, and to provide an analog output for monitoring or as a test signal. It is designed to interface with other digital test equipment, and includes what the company calls the first digital audio cable tester that can determine injected interface jitter for a particular cable.
Retail price is $2,499.

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