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The iPad Will Not Single-Handedly Change World as We Know It …

… But a poll suggests it likely will continue the reorientation in content consumption patterns

A recent poll of 2,176 Internet users by research company comScore looked at attitudes towards the new Apple iPad, and e-readers and other “tablet” devices.

Not surprisingly, a majority of those surveyed had heard of the Apple iPad, though at only 65 percent one wonders if the vaunted Apple promotion machine is losing its touch. A similar percentage of surveyees had heard of the Amazon Kindle e-reader.

The poll did indicate that 15 percent of the respondents were seriously considering. The Amazon Kindle had a similar percentage (14 percent); the Barnes & Noble Nook came in at 10 percent and the Sony Reader was right behind at 9 percent.

Much of the survey focused on the iPad and what potential buyers would use it for. Unlike the mission-specific e-readers, prospective Apple iPad users expected to use it for a number of things, with Internet browsing and e-mail being the biggest categories, and game-playing and iTunes Store apps acquisition the least likely. Book reading and newspaper/magazine e-reading finished in the middle just behind video watching and music listening.

The survey also revealed, to what should be no one’s surprise, that Apple owners, notably of iPod-type products, are much more likely to be willing to pay for content such as e-newspapers and e-magazines (52 percent) compared to non Apple owners (22 percent).